Never leave your customers unattended. Get more Leads, Conversions and Satisfied customers!

Looking for a professional and customized chatbot company in Greater Noida and Noida? Canvaas Chatbot can improve user engagement, provide them support, answer their questions & increase conversion rate for you! Canvaas Chatbot comes with some very useful, ready to use tools targeting at improving the conversational user experience.

We provide a new way of user interaction that allows your website to connect with your users on a personal level, providing site search, support, feedback, mail subscription or callback service, while creating a more natural interaction that mimics the physical world, the future of technology.


Sample Demo

Interested in ChatBot Integration ?

    Use Canvaas Chatbots to greet your returning/new users with a notification. Guess it is far better that getting a No one is Available to Chat message. 

    Usually, chatbots need extensive training and integration. But with Canvaas Chatbot you can simply need to upload your query responses from the backend and you are ready to go.

    Chat Bot Features


    ☞ Full Source Code
    ☞ Version compiled with installer
    ☞ Send Static Text
    ☞ Send Offers (Image and Text)
    ☞ Send Job Openings
    ☞ Dynamic Menu Creation

    ☞ Save Customer Registration
    ☞ Import and Export Customers
    ☞ MySQL Database
    ☞ Save Customer IPs
    ☞ Backend for Customer Data
    ☞ Newsletter Signup Option

    ☞ Easy to Integrate
    ☞ 24*7 Availability
    ☞ 99.9% Uptime
    ☞ Google Adwords Integration
    ☞ Quick Updations
    ☞ Available for all websites

    You can visit our YouTube channel to view our sample Chatbots. Click Here