Modules Included In College & School ERP Solutions

• Parent’s Interaction Portal
• Student’s Activity Portal
• Unified Communication
• Visitors Management
• Teacher Attendance
• Leave Management
• Student Attendance
• Inventory Management
• Feedback System

• Marks Entry
• Administration Tasks
• Hostel Management
• Master Data Management
• Online Reporting Module
• Fee Management
• Online Poll
• Online Library Management
• Alumni Management

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    Parent’s Interaction Portal

    Parents would be able to access all the details of their ward online

    Student’s Activity Portal

    Students will have access to all the features of Parent’s corner

    Unified Communication

    Messaging system between Admin → Teachers/Students/Parents

    Visitors Management

    In-time & Out-time of the visitor gets recorded in the system

    Teacher Attendance

    Teachers would mark their attendance online using their login

    Student Attendance

    Teacher would be able to mark the attendance of students online

    Online Library Management

    Books details to be available online with current status

    Fee Management

    Admin would be able to add various fee for the students like tuition fee, hostel fee, mess fee, fine etc.

    Online Poll

    Admin would be able to create online polls for the students and parents to know their opinion on any topic

    Feedback System

    Students would be able to give feedback to teachers

    Administration Tasks

    Unique and secured login for all the officials

    Hostel Management

    Complete hostel information would be available online

    Master Data Management

    Management of all the department details online

    Online Reporting Module

    Various reports based on the fee would be available

    Leave Management

    Management of leave application of students