Canvaas Salary Management System is one of the most essential business requirement for your company. You need this software so that you can focus on income-generating strategies and daily core tasks rather than worrying about the monthly calculations.

This system requires little input from you, usually just wage details and work hours. Wage calculations, tax withholding, deductions, and other backend processes are managed by the system.


At Canvaas Softwares, our dedicated team follows the complete process including

• Creation of a complete strategy.
• Organizing workshops with the client.
• Constructing the complete map of the website.
• Collecting information from the clients.
• Designing interactive UI.
• Developing features for the website

Interested in the Salary Management System ?

    Use of Salary Management Software

    ☞ Save time & avoid errors: This software processes are time-consuming and error-prone when manually done. A misplaced or decimal point can wreak havoc on your finances. You can turn to this software to avoid inaccurate financial statements and penalties.

    ☞ Pay employees correctly: A Paycheck mistakes not only waste your time, but they also build distrust and can harm employee morale. Even when mistakes are honest, they damage your reputation and, worse, can fuel demoralizing rumors. This software software keeps calculations consistent and accurate.

    ☞ Pay taxes correctly: You find this software a necessary tool to avoid costly late payment penalties.

    ☞ Build transparency: A Disputes are settled quickly and clearly with drill-down access to timesheet, benefits, agreements, and other related data.

    ☞ Quick access to employee data.

    Instructors Features

    Wages are automatically calculated based on your preset schedule: daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This is one of the main advantages of this software.

    Leaves management. This module allows employees to submit leave claims and monitor their leave balance, while managers can review such requests and notify employees of approved or declined claims.

    Expense management. Expenses, deductions, loans, advances, and other employee costs are entered, tracked, and calculated in this module.

    Benefits, bonus management. The module manages various benefits claims, including CBA, allowances, and other employee perks. Some solutions feature a knowledge base of benefits where employees can select and submit a claim.

    Income tax & deductions. This feature processes pre- and post-tax deductions while helping you comply with various state and federal taxes and social security requirements.

    Time and attendance tracking: This software management software may include timesheets or a time-tracking feature to manage attendance along with tracking absences, increments, leaves, and attritions.

    Reports, payslips, forms. This is another key feature generating reports like salary statements, benefits reports, or leave summaries.

    Record-keeping. This software also acts as a central repository of employee records and related documents. This feature usually includes document management to handle files like offer letter, experience letter, employee profiles, organizational charts, and applicable statutes for labor, tax, and occupational safety.